Nikola Tesla

The Incredible Wisdom and Philosophy of Nikola Tesla

Landry Zoya 

Renowned inventor, Nikola Tesla, was not only a man of incredible intelligence but also a deep understanding of the universe’s energy, frequency, and vibration. His inventions, which have left an indelible mark on the world, sprang from his unique understanding of energy and his remarkable sense of intuition. This gifted inventor’s life, theories and philosophies have inspired many and continue to influence people to this day. In this article, we’ll explore some of the remarkable ideas that made Nikola Tesla stand out as a genius among his contemporaries.

Intuition and its Role in Tesla’s Success

Tesla strongly believed in intuition, a seemingly mystical ability that is often neglected by the scientific community. Throughout his life, Tesla’s intuition guided his work, and he trusted it more than conventional methods of calculation. His belief was that intuition provided a fundamental connection to the universe and its forces. He believed that one’s intuition could unlock new and innovative ways of thinking, which could ultimately lead to groundbreaking inventions. For Tesla, listening to his intuition was the secret to his success.

Tesla’s Passion for Science and Originality

Tesla was a recluse by nature. He preferred solitude to the company of others and believed that being alone was essential to coming up with original ideas. Originality was a hallmark of Tesla’s work. He believed that the only way to obtain true knowledge and inspiration was by being solitary and letting his thoughts take flight. He feared not being copied but rather the absence of originality in his work. Throughout his life, he harnessed his passion for science and was incredibly productive, thanks to his anti-social behavior.

The Power of the Universe and Our Connection to It

Tesla believed that the universe was the source of knowledge, strength, and inspiration. He held that in its core lay secrets that science had yet to reveal. Tesla’s belief was that the earth, every living being, and the human brain worked on the same frequencies. This understanding led him to a remarkable insight about the potential of electric power to drive the world’s machinery. He envisioned a future without the need for conventional energy sources. This visionary idea was years ahead of its time, but Tesla remained steadfast in his belief. He thought that the power of the universe could be harnessed to drive humanity forward in new and exciting ways.

The Law of Compensation and the Power of Great Opportunities

Tesla believed that nothing was ever lost, and all energy was compensated in one form or another. He believed in the Law of Compensation, which dictates that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This belief was evident in his approach to his work, where he was not afraid to make mistakes, seeing them as necessary steps towards reaching greater heights. For Tesla, great moments were born from great opportunities, and he was never one to shy away from taking risks. Tesla felt that true peace could only come with universal enlightenment, and we each had a role to play in this.

Tesla’s Desire to Serve Humanity

Tesla’s deepest desire was to harness the forces of nature and put them in the service of humanity. He believed that technology should not be used for profit or personal gain, but rather for the betterment of humanity. His inventions were noteworthy for their practicality and usefulness in everyday life. Tesla was dedicated to his work to the point where it consumed his life. He worked hard to create a legacy that would empower others to take the next step in the evolution of humanity.


Nikola Tesla was one of the most remarkable inventors to have ever lived. His inventions have left an indelible impression on the world. But, it was not just his intelligence that set him apart. It was his unwavering faith in his intuition, his understanding of the universe’s energy, frequency, and vibration, and his belief in being original. Tesla’s remarkable approach to work and life left a lasting legacy, an inspiration to inventors everywhere.

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