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Unraveling the Truth: Nick Sandmann’s Perspective on the Viral Nathan Phillips Encounter

Landry Zoya 

The confrontation between Nick Sandmann, a student from Covington Catholic High School, and Nathan Phillips, a Native American activist, during the 2019 March for Life in Washington, D.C., became a viral sensation that captivated the nation. The incident, captured in a video clip that spread rapidly across social media platforms, led to widespread debate and sparked intense discussions about racism, cultural appropriation, and media bias. Now, as time has passed, Nick Sandmann steps forward to share his perspective on that fateful day, shedding light on the events that unfolded and offering his side of the story.

Standing His Ground

Sandmann begins by stating that he believes he had every right to stand where he did at the Lincoln Memorial. While he acknowledges that he wishes the situation could have been avoided, he stands firm in his belief that he was not disrespectful towards Phillips. Sandmann expresses his respect for Phillips and his desire to have a conversation with him.

Facing the Storm

Being thrust into the spotlight has been a strange experience for Sandmann. He mentions receiving messages of both support and hate, highlighting the polarizing nature of the incident. Sandmann reflects on the reading he has done about the incident and the various reactions it has generated.

The March for Life Rally

Sandmann and his classmates had attended a March for Life Rally before the encounter took place. According to Sandmann, a radical group started shouting derogatory and offensive comments at them, including homophobic and racist slurs. Sandmann admits feeling threatened by the group of adults.

Chants and Confusion

Videos of the incident have circulated, but it remains unclear who initiated the confrontation. Sandmann shares that their chaperone had given permission for the students to shout school chants in an attempt to drown out the Hebrew Israelites. In hindsight, Sandmann wishes they had found another spot to wait for their buses. However, at the time, he believed responding positively was the better option to counter the slanderous accusations.

No Racist Remarks

When questioned about racial slurs and the phrase “build the wall,” Sandmann denies any involvement or hearing such remarks from his classmates. A review of the videos by NBC also did not find any evidence of the students using the phrase. However, Nathan Phillips claims to have heard it from the teens.

Confusion and Composure

Regarding Phillips’ presence, Sandmann admits to being initially confused about his motives and why he was there. Sandmann hoped the situation would deescalate, and he wanted Phillips to walk away. He decided to maintain his composure, avoiding any action that could be perceived as aggressive or further escalate the conflict.

The Smirk Controversy

Sandmann addresses the criticism he has faced regarding his facial expression during the encounter. He explains that he sees it as a smile indicating that he would not react aggressively and would continue to stand his ground peacefully.

Unfair Judgments

Sandmann expresses frustration with the judgments made based on a single expression. He emphasizes that people have labeled him as a racist solely on this basis, despite it being an inaccurate representation of who he is as a person.


Nick Sandmann’s perspective sheds light on his experience during the viral encounter with Nathan Phillips. He stands by his actions and denies any intention of disrespect. Sandmann’s account adds another layer to the complex narrative surrounding the incident, emphasizing the need for thorough examination and understanding before passing judgment.

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