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Monstera Obliqua Peru: A Guide to the Rare and Demanding Houseplant

Landry Zoya 

Monstera Obliqua is a rare and unique variety of the Monstera genus, which comprises about 48 flowering plant species. The Monstera Obliqua is one of the rarest and most demanding varieties of Monstera, and it’s only for the most avid plant lovers.

Importance of Understanding How to Take Care of the Plant

If you’re dreaming of adding the Monstera Obliqua to your plant collection, it’s essential to understand how to take care of this plant properly. Every plant has its own style of growing and care requirements, and the Monstera Obliqua is no exception. It’s critical to know what the Monstera Obliqua needs to thrive.

The Monstera Obliqua prefers bright, natural light, but it’s best to avoid direct sunlight as this can scorch the delicate, thin leaves. In their native Central and South American habitat, the Obliqua is used to humidity levels up to 90% and a dense jungle canopy to shelter them from strong direct sunlight. This plant loves moisture and requires a bucket load of humidity, so it’s crucial to replicate its needed environment to ensure its optimal growth.

Brief History and Characteristics of the Monstera Genus

The Monstera genus is made up of about 48 flowering plant species. The name Monstera originated from the Latin word ‘monstrum,’ which means uncommon or unusual. The Monstera varieties are tropical American indigenous names, inspired by the Latin word ‘Monstera,’ which means abnormal.

Of the Monstera Obliqua, there are many different sub-species, such as the Monstera Obliqua Peru, Monstera Obliqua cf Pangui, Monstera Obliqua Amazonas, and Monstera Obliqua Bolivia.

Monstera Obliqua Peru is the type most people think of by naming Monstera Obliqua. This is the one with heavy fenestration, and it’s the only one that is popular in cultivation due to its holes. Monstera Obliqua Peru has a special appearance with its large holes in the leaves. It is a green climbing plant that grows to only a few meters in height, making it a modest format.

Monstera Obliqua is a unique and rare variety of the Monstera genus that requires meticulous care, but its beauty and charm make it a worthwhile addition to any plant collection. Understanding its unique growing conditions and taking proper care of this plant will ensure its optimal growth and longevity.

Monstera Obliqua Peru

Unique Appearance

The Monstera Obliqua Peru is an attractive climbing plant that is a valuable addition to any indoor garden. Its leaves are quite delicate, and the spaces between them are relatively large. Up to 90% of a mature Monstera Obliqua Peru leaf is empty space, giving it a very unusual and striking appearance.

Habitat and Size

This plant is native to the tropical forests of Central and South America. It is an epiphyte, which means it can grow on top of other plants and take in moisture and nutrients from the air, debris, rain, and water. The Monstera Obliqua Peru is a relatively small plant that can grow to only a few meters in height, making it an ideal choice for indoor gardens and small spaces.

Difference Between Monstera Obliqua and Monstera Adansonii

Many garden centers mistakenly label Monstera Adansonii as Monstera Obliqua, but the two plants have distinct differences. While Adansonii leaves are quite fenestrated, Obliqua leaves are extremely fenestrated, with more hole than leaf. Additionally, as the plants mature, Monstera Adansonii develops thick leathery leaves, while the leaves of the Monstera Obliqua Peru remain slender and paper-thin.

In summary, the Monstera Obliqua Peru is a unique and exotic plant that is popular among avid plant lovers. It is important to understand its specific care requirements, and to know the differences between it and other similar plants, such as Monstera Adansonii. If you are looking for a rare and striking addition to your indoor garden, the Monstera Obliqua Peru may be just what you need.

Care Tips

To take care of Monstera Obliqua, it is best to replicate its natural habitat as much as possible. The plant thrives in high humidity levels, up to 90%. It is also essential to keep the plant in a warm and bright room, away from radiators and drafty areas.

Watering and soil maintenance are also critical for the plant’s survival. Monstera Obliqua should be watered thoroughly, kept in humid conditions, and allowed the soil to become slightly damp before watering again.


In conclusion, Monstera Obliqua is a rare and unique houseplant that requires specific care and attention. The Monstera Obliqua Peru is the most popular subspecies, characterized by its large holes in the leaves. Understanding the needs of the plant, including its ideal environment, light exposure, and watering and soil maintenance, is crucial for its survival.

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