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Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: Exploring the Success of the Canadian YouTuber

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Kyle Forgeard, a talented Canadian YouTuber, was born on July 12, 1994. He runs the widely popular YouTube channel “NELK” alongside his close friend and social media influencer, Jesse Sebastiani. Their entertaining pranks and vlogs have helped the channel gain significant recognition. The duo also owns FULL SEND, an entertainment company, and is behind the creation of Happy Dad, a hard seltzer brand. Join us in wishing Kyle Forgeard a very happy birthday!

Quick Facts

Full Name: Kyle John Forgeard

Birth date: July 12, 1994

Age: 28

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 5′ 10″

Relationship Status: Single

Net Worth: $1.5 million


Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, to Rick and Gayle Forgeard, Kyle John Forgeard has a sister named Chantal. Before dropping out, Forgeard attended Ryerson University. His parents are often featured in his YouTube videos. Kyle’s ethnicity is a mix of Canadian-European, and his mother is of Indian descent.

Forgeard enrolled in film studies at Ryerson University in Toronto but chose to follow his passion for filmmaking and creating prank videos instead. This decision led him to leave school and focus on his YouTube career.

NELK: The Beginning

In July 2010, Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani started the YouTube channel “NELK.” They released their first video, “Mcdonalds’ Job Interview PRANK,” in 2013. The duo gained significant attention in 2015 with their “Coke Prank on Cops” video, where they tricked police officers into thinking they had cocaine, only to reveal it was Coca-Cola. This prank led to legal trouble but also propelled them into the spotlight.

Their channel’s growth and popularity continued, and they received YouTube’s Gold Creator Award in January 2018 after surpassing one million subscribers. In 2018, they launched their second YouTube channel, “FULL SEND,” which now has around 1.3 million subscribers. Other channels they’ve created include “FULL SEND GOLF,” “HAPPY DAD,” and “FULL SEND PODCAST.”

Expanding Horizons: Business Ventures

Forgeard and Sebastiani are also budding entrepreneurs, owning the FULL SEND entertainment company and the Happy Dad alcohol brand.

Career Highlights

  • 2010: Becomes a YouTuber, contributing to the channel’s 7.32 million subscribers
  • 2017: Gets in trouble for impersonating a security officer in Texas, leading to his arrest
  • 2018: Receives the Golden Play Button after reaching one million subscribers on the “NELK” YouTube channel
  • 2018: Launches more channels, including “FULL SEND” and “Happy Dad”
  • 2021: Creates the Happy Dad brand to change perceptions of hard seltzers

Why We Admire Kyle Forgeard

  1. Generosity: The NELK Boys have donated a portion of their earnings to breast cancer research. Forgeard also gave his father enough money to retire by covering his mortgage, which was worth $300,000.
  2. Honesty: Despite fans’ curiosity, Forgeard remains private about his love life. He maintains he is single and refutes any claims otherwise.
  3. Achievements: Forgeard and the NELK Boys launched the lifestyle brand Full Send, which sold around fifty million dollars worth of products in just one year. Additionally, the Full Send Podcast debuted in fall 2021 and has already gained over 1.1 million YouTube followers in merely five months.

5 Surprising Facts About Kyle Forgeard

  1. Arrest record: Forgeard was arrested in 2017 for impersonating a security guard at a shopping mall.
  2. Hidden tattoo: He has a small arrow tattoo on his left arm that isn’t easily noticeable.
  3. Legal trouble: Forgeard and Sebastiani have had multiple run-ins with the law due to pranks that crossed the line.
  4. Connection to Donald Trump: Former President Trump appeared on one of the Nelk Boys’ podcasts.
  5. Generous donations: The NELK team donated $100,000 to the Orange County police department to increase the reward for capturing the two shooters responsible for a tragic highway shootout that left a six-year-old boy dead.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kyle Forgeard

What does NELK stand for?

NELK originally represented the first initials of the group’s founding members, Nick, Elliot, Lucas, and Kyle, who grew up together in Mississauga, Ontario, outside of Toronto.

Is Kyle Forgeard the owner of Nelk?

Forgeard is one of the co-founders of Nelk.

How do NELK Boys make money?

According to a report from the “New York Times,” NELK generates its eight-digit annual income entirely from merchandise sales and subscription services.


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