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Does Lysol Really Kill Lice? Alternative Solutions You Need to Try

Landry Zoya 

If you are dealing with a lice infestation, you might be wondering if Lysol can kill lice on furniture, fabrics, helmets, bedding, mattresses, couches, and other surfaces. In this article, we’ll investigate the claim about Lysol’s effectiveness on lice and provide you with some alternatives to tackle this pesky problem.

Will Lysol Kill Lice?

Lysol is a well-known brand of cleaning and disinfecting products that come in liquid form containing a mixture of soft soap and cresols. Although Lysol has been used successfully on other pests, such as bed bugs, it does not kill lice. Several tests have shown that lice have been dipped in Lysol with zero after-effects. So, unfortunately, Lysol won’t be an effective remedy for lice control.

Alternatives To Lysol Lice Control

If Lysol won’t eliminate lice, it’s essential to find practical solutions. Here are some effective and proven home remedies for lice control:

1. Dishwasher

Lice can also congregate on whatever is used on the head, such as your brushes and combs. If your dishwasher has a “SaniWash” setting, which is known as the anti-bacterial cycle that allows for heated drying, it can help to kill lice on combs and brushes. Under this setting, temperatures can rise to about 180 degrees F, which is enough to kill lice.

2. Soaking Lice Infested Brushes in Hot Water

If you don’t want to use the dishwasher option, you can consider using hot water. Although this method is effective, the water temperature should not exceed the temperature of tea or coffee. Brushes and combs should be allowed to sit in hot water for about 10 minutes.

3. Freezing

Lice will hardly survive in extreme temperatures. Placing your combs and brushes in a Ziploc bag and leaving them frozen at zero degrees should be enough to kill them. This can be left to sit overnight before removing your combs, brushes, and any lice-infested clothing.

4. Lice Vacuuming

Sanitation has proven efficient in solving many pest issues, including lice infestations. Your vacuum cleaner comes in handy for this task. You should target the suction power of your vacuum cleaner on surfaces where lice presence is suspected. Vacuum cleaning your furniture should do just fine to contain a lice infestation. After completing lice house cleaning for each day, you should carefully discard the contents into the garbage.

5. Using Enzyme Lice Spray

This isn’t a pesticide but a multi-purpose spray that does the job. Nits and lice are killed on contact while being gentle on the scalp and hair. Examples of this product include Lice Eradicator, Enzymatic Eradicator, LiceLogic Clear & Free All Purpose Spray, etc.

6. Sticky Lint Roller

You can use a sticky lint roller in place of a vacuum cleaner. This tool pulls lice off surfaces when rolled across due to its attached adhesive tape. The roller sheets can easily be replaced when they lose their stickiness.

7. Dryer

Placing your pillows in a dryer and running it for about 40 minutes will eliminate lice. This sustained heating will kill the lice on your pillows. With this inexpensive and time-saving lice extermination strategy, you can quickly adapt to free your home from lice.

8. Using Essential Oils

Essential oils have proven to be highly effective in lice control. Lice are killed when they come in contact with certain essential oils. These oils have been shown to be very effective in controlling and preventing lice infestations. Some popular essential oils that are used for this purpose include tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and neem oil.

To use essential oils for lice control, you’ll need to mix about 15 to 20 drops of your preferred essential oil with about 2 ounces of olive oil. Apply this mixture to your scalp and hair and let it sit overnight. Then, comb out and shampoo your hair before rinsing. This process should be repeated until there are no signs of lice on your hair.

In addition to essential oils, there are other home remedies that have been proven effective in killing lice. For example, using a sticky lint roller can be a great way to remove lice from clothing and other surfaces. You can also use a dryer to eliminate lice from items like pillows and blankets.

It’s worth noting that while Lysol is a popular cleaning product, it is not effective in killing lice. In fact, several tests have shown that lice have been dipped in Lysol with zero after-effects. So, if you’re dealing with a lice infestation, it’s important to explore alternative solutions to your problem.


In conclusion, Lysol is not an effective solution for killing lice. While this cleaning product has been used successfully on other pests, it doesn’t have any effect on lice. Instead, you should explore other home remedies that have been proven to be effective, such as essential oils, vacuuming, and freezing. These methods are not only inexpensive but also non-toxic and easy to implement. By using these strategies, you can effectively control and prevent lice infestations without relying on harmful chemicals or expensive treatments.

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