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    A designer clip/necklace that vibrates when you slouch. Also tracks UV, fitness, sleep, and light.

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Posture is about more than looks — it can help you be confident, improve your mood, and even boost your productivity.

To help prevent awkward positions that hurt your neck and back, Pose vibrates gently when you slouch for too long, optionally even when you slouch sideways.

How it works: Pose learns the posture you want when you calibrate it, then warns you when you’ve deviated from that posture for too long by vibrating.

Increase the difficulty in the app as your posture gets better. You can also set the vibration strength and the minimum time interval between vibrations. You can set quiet hours to prevent Pose from vibrating at night, and Pose won’t vibrate if you’re sleeping or not wearing it.

Even if you have dark skin, ultraviolet (UV) exposure ages your skin faster. Anyone can get skin cancer. Though your chances are lower if you have dark skin, people with dark skin are more likely to have life-threatening skin cancer when they do get it.

Protect yourself from premature skin aging. Pose measures the current UV intensity and tracks how much you’ve gotten each day. You’ll get warnings in real-time as your exposure crosses various thresholds, and reminders to reapply sunscreen.

Like any fitness tracker, Pose tracks steps, exercise, and calories.

Being still is bad for you, even if you have a standing desk. Get notified if you’ve been still for too long and take frequent active breaks.

It’s a little known fact that when you sleep is almost as important as how much you sleep. Sleeping at the right times is crucial for quality rest. That’s why sleeping-in sometimes feels horrible — your body isn’t used to sleeping that late, so the sleep isn’t as effective. With sleep, consistency is key.

Pose detects when you sleep, helping you get enough hours at the right times. It also has

  • Quiet vibration alarm — To wake you up at the right time without waking your partner. If vibration doesn’t wake you, the Opter app will play an audio alarm.
  • Bedtime reminders — To remind you to go to bed when you should.
  • Sleep motion tracking — To let you know how restless you were and how many times you got up at night, which can be a sign of sleep disorder.

Blue light is an extremely under-appreciated aspect of health that has consequences for mood, productivity, and sleep, so Pose specifically tracks blue light.

Too little blue light during the day can affect your focus and alertness, so Pose lets you know if your room is too dim.

Too much blue light at night can throw off your entire sleep cycle. Pose notifies you when it’s bright at the wrong time of day, intelligently taking your current sleep schedule into account.

Pose is always evolving and growing. In the future, we hope to update Pose to recognize specific exercises, measure breathing, guide meditation, teach yoga, and more.

 Tour of the Opter App. Vitals show your wellness metrics in real-time.


“The vision of the product, however, is that of Chalisa Prarasri who is passionately committed to helping people live healthier lives.

It’s a little talked about fact that abuse often leads people to the kind of compassion and empathy that changes the world and Chalisa is proof of that fact. She grew up separated from her father with a mentally ill mother. As she puts it, she grew up “not knowing what family was like,” but once she was married she became surrounded by her husband’s family. She watched these wonderful people killing themselves by working too hard, eating terribly, and not sleeping. … Add to that, her dad lived most of his life with a severe heart arrhythmia. But by being careful about his lifestyle, he lived 18 years beyond the date his doctors had given him.

As a result of these experiences, she’s dedicated her life to helping people live better. Sit with her for a few minutes and you’ll  discover she’s a wealth of information and her willingness to be frank about what she’s been through is courageous and inspiring. In minutes you’ll find yourself wanting to be part of her world, one that while tech, is also deeply human.”

Western Bonime. Published in Forbes, September 24, 2017.



  • Size: 48 mm x 18 mm x 9 mm (1.9 in x 0.71 in x 0.35 in)
  • Weight: 5.2 g (0.18 oz)
  • Chain Hole Dimensions: 4 mm x 3 mm (0.16 in x 0.12 in)
  • Battery Life: 7 or more days
  • Recharging: 3 hours at 5 V 0.5 A
  • Works with phones with iOS 11.0+ or Android 5.0+

Pose shells and circuit boards displayed on a bamboo board, later carved into more Poses.

Carving Pose from a bamboo board.


Please share Pose with your loved ones. The need for health is ubiquitous. You never know who’ll fall in love with Pose. Feel free to share any of the GIFs on this page, as well! We made it easy to share them just by clicking on them.

Q. Where do you get your health suggestions from?

A. All of our suggestions are sourced from scientific literature and vetted by our panel of doctors who are experts in their fields. Opter’s founders are trained scientists and engineers, so we understand the importance of evidence-based health.

Q. Does light and UV tracking work if you put it under your shirt?

A. No, Pose can’t see light or UV through your shirt. But posture, fitness, and sleep tracking will continue to work.

Q. Is it waterproof?

A. It’s water resistant. You can shower with it and get it wet, but you shouldn’t submerge it.

Q. Will there be different styles?

A. In the future, yes. The current model is our limited edition all-bamboo Pose.

Q. What if I don’t like necklaces?

A. Pose is fully functional when you wear with the included clip on your shirt, bra, or tie.

Q. Can you change the chain? 

A. Yes, you can wear it with any chain that will fit through the 4 mm x 3 mm (0.16 in x 0.12 in) hole.

Yours in health,

The Opter Team


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