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  • your connected wearable for posture correction

    Correct your posture. Track your activity, sleep, UV exposure, and more.



Improve your posture to reduce back pain and boost mental health. Opter Pose vibrates when you slouch, allowing you to easily obtain perfect posture. It works whether you’re slouching forwards or sideways.


Stay safe in the sun — anyone can get skin cancer. Opter Pose lets you know via phone notification when it’s time to put on sunscreen. It measures how harsh the UV is and how long you’re exposed.


Get higher quality sleep by sleeping at the right times and avoiding too much light at night. Opter Pose knows when you sleep, when you wake up, and how much light you’re getting throughout the day — the most important influences on your body’s circadian rhythm.


Reduce your risk of a swathe of diseases including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease by getting enough exercise and staying active throughout the day. Opter Pose reminds you to get up and move around if you’ve been sitting for too long, and tracks your steps, weekly exercise, and calories.

7+ Day Battery Life

Shower Resistant

Works with Your Chain

Made with Real Bamboo

Includes Shirt Clip


Connects to your phone with our health and wellness app


Mary F.

I absolutely LOVE my Opter Pose

Cara C.

... a gentle vibration ... just enough of a reminder to get me to adjust my posture.

Mary G.

I really love the Pose!

Google User

I love my Opter Pose as it does exactly what I need from a wearable tracker and some things that nothing else out there does!

Shelly C.

The posture reminders are great!

Jessica R.

I love the posture tracking and reminding features

Malisa K.

I own 2 Opter Poses, and have been enjoying them for months. We love them and have recommended them highly to friends and family.

Robin W.

Opter Pose helps keep me (and the kids!) from hunching over our phones. I love it!


Opter Pose is intended to help users build healthy habits. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.