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    Life affects sleep. Sleep affects life.

    What lifestyle factors affect your sleep quality?

    Most sleep trackers focus on hours and arbitrary data, but lifestyle can have a huge effect. If you've ever had coffee before bed, you know how lifestyle choices can affect your sleep. If you can sleep despite the coffee, you know how everyone is a little different when it comes to sleep. Connect other apps or log your habits in the Opter app, it can help you figure out what lifestyle choices keep you up at night (and what choices don't).

    The one crucial thing no one told you about sleep.

    Consistency is an incredibly important part of healthy sleep. Your body runs on a 24-hour clock that loves routine and hates change. An unhappy biological clock is why jetlag and Mondays feel so awful. Opter Sleep can give you recommendations for ideal sleep and wake times based on your history. It can even help you plan for the future by shifting your schedule slowly in preparation for late nights or jet lag.

    Meet Opter Sleep


Automatically track your sleep with no wires, no charging, and no manual syncing. Get all the numbers and graphs you could want with none of the effort.


Figure out what lifestyle factors help you sleep well, and what messes with your sleep. You might be surprised at what you find.


Reduce jet lag by shifting your schedule in advance with optimized recommendations. You don’t have to do a single calculation.


Get personalized, science-backed advice on how to wake up feeling better. There is almost certainly a better way for you to sleep – we just need to find it.

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    The Opter app is the portal to your health.

    Feed the Opter app with data about your lifestyle habits and it will reward you with insights about how they affect your sleep. You can connect other Opter products, link other health apps, or log data yourself.

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