• Hydrate in style.

    Beyond simple reminders

  • Meet Opter Sip


    We took the concept of smart hydration and ran.

    How much water do you really need?

    It depends on your lifestyle. Factors like exercise, diet, and caffeine intake can affect your water needs. Opter Sip uses what it knows about your day – such as how much caffeine you had, how many steps you took, and how long you exercised – to keep your hydration goals up to date with your lifestyle.

    Reminders alone aren't enough.

    If you get notifications at the same time every day, you'll eventually start to ignore them. Opter Sip sends reminders dynamically based on how close you are to your goal. It even uses psychology to give you an extra motivational boost.

    Meet Opter Sip


Get updates on your progress towards your hydration goal.


Stay motivated with the Opter app, which uses habit-building psychology to keep you on track.


Automatically update your goal based on your exercise. See how your water intake affects other parts of your life, like sleep.


You don’t need to charge Opter Sip every day.

Who said smart water bottles need to look like gadgets?

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