• Wear it proud. Fix your posture.

    Definitely not a gadget

  • Meet Opter Pose


    A necklace that notifies you if you're slouching. Plus UV sensing, light sensing, and activity tracking.

    It's about more than your appearance.

    Your posture can affect mental health, self-esteem, and breathing as well. Yes, Opter Pose can help you stand taller. But it can help feel better too, simply by helping you remember to stand tall.

    A little light can go a long way.

    In the mornings, it's good. Light will help you wake up. But too much light at night can tell your brain that it's time to wake up, even if it's time for bed.

    Less hassle. Less slouch.

    Clip-on wearables are easy to forget, lose, or accidentally throw in the wash. Opter Pose can stick with you whether you're exercising, showering, or sleeping, so you can focus on what's really important to you.

    Meet Opter Pose


Watch yourself stand straighter over time. Get your steps and exercise as a bonus.


See how much UV you’re getting each day. See how much light you’re getting and when.


Get notifications if your posture slips or if you’re getting too much light at night.


See what changes you can make to be healthier.



  • 3-Axis Accelerometer — to measure the slightest of movements
  • Low-Power Processor — a computer to process events
  • Bluetooth LE — to connect Opter Pose to your phone seamlessly in the background
  • Flash Memory — to store at least a week’s worth of data without connecting to your phone
  • Sophisticated Firmware — to keep energy expenditure incredibly low
  • Rechargeable battery — for 20+ hours of battery life


  • iPhone running iOS 9 or later
  • Apple Watch – for notifications on your wrist
  • OS X – for desktop notifications at work
  • Android support coming soon!

The Rest

  • BPA-free Polyurethane body
  • Laser-engraved walnut cover

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