The smart necklace and clip designed for living an amazing life.

Stand Straight

Pose vibrates when you’re not in your ideal posture, even if you slouch sideways. Set your difficulty,  and watch yourself stand straighter over time in the Opter app.

Stay Young

UV exposure ages the skin and can cause skin cancer, no matter your skin color. Pose can sense sunlight and tells you if you’ve been exposed too long.

Sleep Deeper

With sleep and blue light tracking, Pose gives you personalized tips on getting quality rest, like recommended sleep times and bright light warnings at night.

Work Better

Bright light can improve your memory, thinking, and alertness. Stay productive all day and get alerts when your room is too dim during those crucial morning hours.

Keep Moving

Being still for too long is bad for you, even if you exercise, and even if you have a standing desk! Pose reminds you to take frequent active breaks so you stay moving all day long.

Sweat More

Opter Pose monitors your daily moderate and vigorous exercise in addition to steps and calories, so you can stay on track for your personal goals.

Stress Less

Pose’s prime location on your chest allows it to track your breathing. Keep your stress levels down by practicing slow deep breathing, especially when times are tough.

Support Change

The Pose is sustainably made from 100% bamboo and is manufactured without the use of sweat shops. We’re committed to setting an example.
  • Stand Tall


    Definitely Not a Gadget

    Be Awesome

    Here at Opter, we believe everyone should have the confidence to chase their dreams. Your posture can affect your mental health and self-esteem in addition to affecting how others perceive you. Yes, the Pose can help you straighten up. But we hope it'll guide you to success too, simply by reminding you to stand tall and give yourself some love.

    Go Places

    The Pose was carefully designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Wear it as a necklace or a clip for versatility. Take it out in the rain: it's water resistant. Go from work to play by switching the chain to match your needs. Travel with it; it has more than a week of battery life. Take wellness everywhere you go.

    Do It All

    Steps and heart rate are great, but health is more complicated that. Health takes pretty much everything about your life into account. Mental health, sedentary time, and even room light play huge roles in your overall wellbeing. That's why we made Opter. Nothing out there was good enough, and we wanted more. Pose is our first step to capturing more of your life than ever before. Wait until you see what we have planned next!

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